Pricelist Care Service Applications: Preis: Care consultation / first interview Determination of care needs, planning care service, information about Assistance,  35,00 € and other questions Mobilization Bedding, lairing 25,00 € (If someone need help getting up and going to bed, for example from bed to wheelchair, etc.) Personal hygiene (Recommendation morning) Nurse washes the patient, bathing or showering completely or directs the patient to the            process and then the nurse go with the patient to the toilet 35,00 € Small personal hygiene (Recommendation evening) (nurse makes the patient fresh by a partial body wash and 25,00 € goes to the toilet and bring the patient to the bed) Treatment service: Blood pressure and blood sugar measurement 20,00 € Injections (such as insulin or heparin) Set of prescribed medication medication administration eye drops On and taking off of compression stockings wound Care dressing change 20,00 € Treatment of wounds syringe Domestic services: Doctor accompaniment / administrative procedures  35,00 € per hour Accompanied on walks  shopping Surcharge weekday between 20:00 h - 07.00 h Saturday from 14:00 h, Sundays     6,00 € per hour and public holidays Surcharge 25.12 / 26.12 / 01.01                                                                                                             100 % Prices do not include 7% local tax Other offers of help can be obtained from our care service and then individually be adapted to the patient.   Impressum